Works done at NuMAC

As stated earlier NuMAC, has been specialized in Manufacturing of Mobile Coal Sampling Equipment, Rotary Vane Assembly, Dynamic Balancing, Heavy engineering, rebuilding and reconditioning of machines, Industrial Fabrications, Polymer coatings, manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines, Import substitute items and precision parts are some of the executed jobs which isolates NuMAC in real sense. We have manufactured import substitute parts like Wiper Rings, pump shafts, sealing rings, CEP spares, valve spares, air seals, labyrinth, gland box, repairs like coal mill parts, shafts, impellers, fans, yoke flanges, spider rings etc. following are the works done at NuMAC.

  • Heavy Engineering
  • Rebuilding and Reconditioning
  • Industrial Fabrications
  • Coatings
  • Manufacturer, Supplier of
    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Import Substitute Items
  • Dynamic Balancing


Heavy Engineering :

  • Coal Mill Yoke Flange/Bottom Plate/Spider Ring.
  • Rotor Crusher Shaft (Manufacturing).
  • Turbine Liners.
  • Facility developed for Machining of Plates of 3 m. dia., and jobs about 2 m. dia., 6 m. long, weighing about 15 Tons.

Rebuilding and Reconditioning :

  • PA Fan, ID Fan, Impellers and Shafts, Pump Impellers and Bell Mouth Casings.
  • Reconditioning of Heavy Duty Rollers Shaft, Kiln support Rollers, Crane Wheels, Loco Wheels, etc.
  • Reconditioning of Bearing Housing of Sheet Rolling Mills.

Industrial Fabrications :

  • On Line Condenser Tube Cleaning System (Ball Separator).
  • Vibrating Screen, Conveyor Belt Return Roller, Compact Drives, Tram Car Bucket, Hopper Grill.

Coatings :

  • Metalizing of all types of Alloys.
  • Metalizing Brass, Stainless Steel Impellers, Vacuum Pumps Impellers, ID Fan Blades, Boiler Tubes, etc.
  • Ceramic coated parts for Pump Sleeves, Clinker Grinder Sleeves, etc.

Manufacturer, Supplier of Special Purpose Machines :

  • For In situ machining of T slot in Turbine Casing.
  • For In situ machining of Yoke Table of Coal Mills.
  • For In situ machining of Valve Seat.
  • Rebuilding and In situ machining of XRP Coal Mill Hub and Yoke Flanges.
  • In situ machining of Turbine Rotor thrust area.
  • In situ machining of Rotary Air Heater Shaft of Thermal Power Station.

Manufacturer, Supplier of Import Substitute Items :

  • Development of Turbine Spares like Labyrinth, Carriers, Sealing Rings, Wiper Rings, Stellite Strips, etc.
  • Control Valve Spares : Valve Stems, Cages, Stelliting of Seat.
  • Manufacturing of On line Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems (Ball Separator).
  • Cleaning Machines for Automobile Parts.

Some of the most critical works done by NuMA :

  • SPM for Insitu Machining Of Rotary Air Heater Shaft.
  • Fitting Of Gland Sealing Strips To Turbine Casing 62.5 Mw.
  • Gripping Sheave with Gear for Rope Way.
  • Dynamic Balancing.
  • Thrust Collar Modification.

Past Critical Projects :

NuMAC has done 38 Special Purpose Projects. Some of the Outstanding Projects are as follows :

  • HP Turbine Rotor, 210 MW Unit - I, Khaperkheda.
  • HP / IP Inner Casing Sealing Rings Replacement Work of 62.5 MW, and KWU set 210MW Bhusawal.
  • Turbine rotor stub shaft modification and balancing of 62.5 MW, Paras.
  • Generator rotor thrust collar of 20 MW, Koyana Hydro.
  • Coal mill air seal housing of Unit 6, 500 MW, Chandrapur.
  • Generator rotor Polish, LMZ, KWU 120MW, 210 MW, Koradi, Khaperkheda and Parali.
  • Generator rotor 120 MW Unit 3, Koradi.
  • Online condenser tube cleaning system for 7A and 7B, 210 MW, Koradi.
  • HP & IP casing insitu machining, Koradi.